The Importance of Community and what that Means for Your Business

Community is a word that has so much meaning.  The word alone is something that is so simple but yet powerful by providing us with genuine connections with each other. Finding a community can be tough and feel almost isolating. When I initially started my business I decided to keep my goals and dreams in the shadows because I thought in order to grow my business I needed to do this alone. My fellow introverts out there you know this is our Anthem! I love being alone, sometimes to the point where I forget what other humans look like known as my friends and family. I quickly learned that finding a community  that works for you is not only essential in business but in life as well.

Why does community matter?

         In a society that encourages individualism, community matters because it provides us with the constant reminder that we are not alone, and that we matter. It gives us a sense of belonging and the opportunity to share our vulnerabilities of our success and struggles. Connecting with a community of like-minded people can also help you grow and expand your business goals.  When I realized that I couldn’t do this alone I randomly found a local creative in the Minneapolis area. I was terrified but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and message her. Two years later we are doing life and business together. Seeking or building a community of people who share the same values as you do can be a huge game changer in all areas of your life.

How can we find our community?

           When we think of finding our community we immediately think to attend workshops, networking events, conferences, and other sociable events which is fantastic. That is how I got started, but it is much deeper than that. What truly matters in developing a community is connections. Making true, genuine connections with people. You can attend a number of different sociable events but if you are not taking the time to be intentional and present with the person you are engaging with you are missing out on a potential friendship. Connections usually develop by having at least one thing in common with a person. By having that one commonality you are creating potential for that friendship to grow.

How can our community help us with our business?

         Community is so important to your business because it is a great place to find inspiration, support and resources. To grow and foster your community give back. Take a moment and think of ways you can serve and help people. What kind of problem can you solve? When you put other’s first and give back it builds trust and makes a lasting impression. Another way you can grow community is to simply share your story. With Social Media it is easier to paint a picture perfect life. In the words of my favorite artist Future, F it mask off. Remove that mask and show the world who you really are! People will be impacted by you, inspired by you, and support you. What makes being apart of a Community so special is that you can come as you are, no judgments or requirements. So do you and the right people will follow!