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Ever caught yourself scrolling through your feed and wondering why you pause on some posts while others barely get a glance? I’m willing to bet that what you’re seeing is the magic of great storytelling doing its thing. And while I know that might sound cheesy (and I’m a little biased as a storytelling strategist), […]

Who is Reesa Teesa, you ask? Or are you part of the large population of Tiktok-watchers who already know 😂 In case you missed it, Reesa Teesa is the TikTok sensation who pretty much owned the internet earlier this year with her gripping 50-part series called ‘Who TF Did I Marry?’. With over 9+ hours […]

In a world overflowing with digital innovations and more content than we know what to do with, storytellers have turned to AI to try to keep up. The only problem is, is the content any good? AI can’t tell YOUR story for you, so what can it do? In this week’s blog post, we are […]

storytelling strategist holding laptop

Ah, storytelling. It’s not just for bedtime tales or blockbuster movies. Today, I’m lifting the curtain on exactly how to leverage storytelling to make more sales in your business. Get ready because I don’t want this blog post isn’t just another item on your reading list (or another tab you have open). I want to […]

storytelling strategist explains how your marketing is costing you sales

Feeling like you’ve tried every marketing strategy out there but still not seeing big results? Well, let’s talk about the magic ingredient you might be missing: storytelling! In my journey as a storytelling strategist, I’ve noticed something pretty universal. When your marketing messages skip the storytelling aspect, it is costing you sales. Without being too […]

storytelling strategist sits on couch celebrating how to become a better speaker

Whether you dream of commanding the stage with confidence, captivating listeners on your podcast, or simply leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your audience, I’m here to help. And the secret to helping you become a better speaker? STORYTELLING. So it goes without saying, you are in the right place. Through the power […]

storytelling strategist shares 2024 marketing trends

Does anyone else feel like 2024 is already flying by? Today, we’re diving into the wild west of 2024 marketing trends where we are seeing a huge shift in how we tell stories that connect and convert your audience. We’re talking about making your marketing stories stick by keeping it 100% real, flipping the script […]

Storytelling still holds its undeniable power in 2024. It’s a timeless tool that never fails to engage, inspire, and leave a memorable imprint on our audiences. It’s how we create real connections with those we aim to reach. But let’s be real – as we embrace 2024, there’s been a significant shift in the storytelling […]

how storytelling makes content creation easier

All online entrepreneurs can relate this: you love sharing your message on social media and connecting with your followers, but constantly churning out content gets exhausting. Your success on social media depends on your consistency. How do you show up every day and post new content that your followers will love? Where do you get […]

social media mistakes

Are you struggling with your social media posts because you’re repeating the same social media mistakes over and over again? Believe me, these pitfalls are easy to get trapped in. The good news is that with a couple of storytelling strategies under your belt, you can avoid these common mistakes. Instead of posting into the […]

The difference between a copywriter, storytelling strategist, and social media strategist

In today’s digital world, content creators and business owners need to show up in many places. From Instagram to an email list to Pinterest, showing up online can quickly become overwhelming if you don’t have the right strategy. One way to make your online marketing plan less daunting is to outsource and enlist experts to […]

storytelling strategy

How do you connect with your audience in a real way that turns them into loyal followers? You utilize a storytelling strategy. A storytelling strategy allows you to connect with your audience on a deeper emotional level than bland cut-and-paste captions. When your social media content is relatable and compelling, they want to keep following […]

how to find your authentic voice on social media

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