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business lessons from independent business owners

While we near the end of what’s possibly the longest month ever, I wanted to share some of the top business lessons I’ve heard as the host of Honeybook’s Independent Business Podcast to help us all keep up that new year energy (and hit some of the goals we have set four ourselves this year!). […]

storytelling strategist holding laptop

Ah, storytelling. It’s not just for bedtime tales or blockbuster movies. Today, I’m lifting the curtain on exactly how to leverage storytelling to make more sales in your business. Get ready because I don’t want this blog post isn’t just another item on your reading list (or another tab you have open). I want to […]

storytelling strategist sits on couch celebrating how to become a better speaker

Whether you dream of commanding the stage with confidence, captivating listeners on your podcast, or simply leaving a lasting impression in the minds of your audience, I’m here to help. And the secret to helping you become a better speaker? STORYTELLING. So it goes without saying, you are in the right place. Through the power […]

Business core values

Do you ever think about your core values as a human being? As a kid, you were probably taught to be kind to others, to share, and to work hard. Those little lessons translated into your core values as an adult.  While core values may feel like a personal thing, they can actually play a […]

Community is a word that has so much meaning.  The word alone is something that is so simple but yet powerful by providing us with genuine connections with each other. Finding a community can be tough and feel almost isolating. When I initially started my business I decided to keep my goals and dreams in […]

Hey everybody! My name is Akua Konadu and I am a brand new blogger and Social Media Strategist. It has been my dream for the past year to launch my own business through blogging, and coaching services. As a new entrepreneur here are five things I’ve learned while building my business.  1. Know Your Why […]

Akua Konadu Instagram Strategist clasping her hands

Let’s talk about fear, shall we? This past year I’ve allowed fear and self-doubt to fill my mind leaving no space for me to dream. I had a friend once tell me that two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time and that is so true!  I’ve been consumed by so much […]

how to find your authentic voice on social media

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