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The Best Podcast Equipment in 2024 (What I Use as the Host of Honeybook’s Podcast!)

Oh, get ready to upgrade your podcast game because today, I’m spilling all the deets on the best podcast equipment in 2024. Whether your new to podcasting and just starting your own show, or you’re ready for an equipment upgrade, I’m excited to share what I’ve tried and/or heard works well no matter what stage of the game you’re in! And in case we haven’t met yet (and you’re wondering why you should take advice about the best podcast equipment from me!), I’m currently the voice behind Season 2 of Honeybook’s Independent Business podcast—so yeah, I get to play around with some seriously top-tier gear. But let’s not get it twisted; I’ve also been the mastermind behind my own podcast, Here’s the Tea with Akua Konadu, since 2021. And before I was the host of Honeybook’s podcast? I was working HARD behind the scenes producing the show.

So, whether you’re rolling in the dough or counting those pennies, trust me, I’ve navigated both ends of the podcasting spectrum. I’m here to guide you through the jungle of cameras, cables, and mics, ensuring your podcast sounds like a million bucks, no matter your budget!

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Best Podcast Equipment in 2024

Best Podcast Microphone in 2024

We use the Shure SM7B Dynamic Vocal Microphone which is the industry leader in the podcast space. If you’ve produced a podcast before, you know what a difference a solid microphone can make (especially in the post-production editing process), and it’s been so nice to have something that works both in a studio environment and when I’m recording at home! If you choose to go with the Shure SM7B (which I do recommend!), you’ll need an audio interface to help you control the gain. Without it, your mic won’t work, so make sure to add both of the to cart if this is the option you choose. This is the stand we use to keep our setups more flexible too!


For a more affordable option, the Blue Yeti X USB Microphone is a popular option to get started with too!

Blue Yeti X USB Microphone

Best Podcast Accessories to Enhance the Sound Quality

While having a professional mic is a start, there are a few more pieces of equipment we use to ensure we have the BEST sound possible for our listeners over at Honeybook. First, we have this Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator, which helps make audio (specifically vocals!) sound more crisp when they hit the microphone. Because we use video to produce our podcast too (keep scrolling for the camera!), this also ensures that I don’t have to have my face buried behind a microphone when I’m recording either!

Cloudlifter CL-1 Mic Activator

If you’re on a budget, you can probably skip this for now, but keep it on your radar for later! And as a little extra tip, make sure to wear headphones while you record to reduce background noise! Or, if there is a lot of background noise where you are (and you aren’t relying on video), using something like acoustic panels can be a lifesaver!

acoustic panel

Should You Use a Teleprompter for Your Podcast?

Listen, I’m PRETTY good at thinking on my feet, and whether or not you use a teleprompter is going to depend largely on the style of show you have and how well you feel like you can think of your feet too! It’s definitely not required, but in my experience, it’s nice to have.

On one hand, a teleprompter can significantly improve the flow of your episodes, keeping you on point and minimizing the chance of going off-topic. It’s particularly useful for ensuring accuracy when your content is dense with data, names, or specific details, and it can help reduce editing time by cutting down on mistakes.

However, relying too heavily on a script can make your delivery sound unnatural or overly rehearsed (which is the biggest ick in 2024 content creation, am I right?). The essence of podcasting is connection and authenticity, and it’s important that your personality shines through.

The setup I have now includes a teleprompter on one side and a screen that shares my guest on the other. That way, I can make sure I stick to my talking points, but I can also engage with my interviewees and make sure that I’m connecting with them in a way I know our audience will love. As for equipment, this is the teleprompter we use and this is the screen we love!

Best Video Podcast Equipment in 2024

Whether we like it or not, most people expect video nowadays don’t they? So below, I’m sharing what we use to record video for the Honeybook podcast! If you’re just getting started, I want to reassure you that for podcasts, sound matters a LOT more than video does! But if you’re planning to repurpose content for TikTok and the ‘gram, than you probably do want to check out some higher-quality video equipment too!


Best Camera for Podcast Videos

At Honeybook, we chose to use the Sony A7 III for our podcast camera equipment (you can check out some of the videos we have produced here)! When searching for a camera, prices can range WILDLY but this has been a solid camera choice for us. If you’re looking for something a little more affordable, I’ve heard good things about the Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR Camera. You can also grab this affordable webcam if you’re looking for an alternative too! I actually started with a webcam when I started my own podcast 4 years ago instead of using my computer camera and it made a HUGE difference!

OR you can even just get started with your iPhone! Lighting is going to make a bigger difference than camera quality for the type of content we are producing, so let’s talk about that next!



Upgrading Your Lighting for Podcast Videos

That spotlight glow on me in the Honyebook videos? It’s not natural LOL. For every podcaster or Youtuber talking at a sea of lights, you get it. At any given time there are at least a few of these shining of me:

Amaran 200dS LED video lights

Aputure Light Dome III Studio Reflector Softbox

Aputure Lantern Softbox Soft Light

While you don’t need a home studio setup like I have, it’s worth investing in a few quality lights to get the best lighting possible! For more affordable options to get started, you could use something like this video light kit or a high-quality ring light to get you started!

Podcast Software for Recording Audio and Videos

Personally, at Honeybook we use Riverside and it’s what I would recommend for both new and experienced podcasters in 2024. If you’re short on time and doing a lot of the editing yourself, certain AI-powered features like “Magic Clips” (which choose the best parts of your solo podcast or interview automatically and create a short-form video), captions, and the removal of filler words can save you a LOT of time. Plus, if you do work with an editor and have a more professional setup, they’ll love having separate tracks for easy editing!


Are You Starting a Podcast in 2024?

If so, CONGRATULATIONS! This is SUCH a fun industry and truly one of the great joys of my career so far. It’s SO fun connecting with leading industry experts at Honeybook, but it’s also been incredibly fulfilling to connect with listeners in my DM’s as well (they are always open!). If you found this helpful, come and say hi and let me know when you plan to launch your show!