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How to Communicate Your Business Core Values

Do you ever think about your core values as a human being? As a kid, you were probably taught to be kind to others, to share, and to work hard. Those little lessons translated into your core values as an adult. 

While core values may feel like a personal thing, they can actually play a major role in your business too. Your business core values can guide your business moves and decisions just like your personal core values guide your life.  

Your business core values are the heart of your business, so it’s vital that you share them with your customers and clients. When your ideal audience latches onto your values, they become more than a customer, they become a loyal member of your community. 

Why Communicating Your Business Core Values is Important

Customers today care about the heart and mission of the brands they buy from more than ever before. They want to know that their purchases have a purpose and do some good in the world. 

Did you know that 82% of consumers are willing to pay higher prices to shop from brands that mirror their values? Millennials and Gen-Z consumers also expect brands to partner with charities. Making sure your business core values are loud and clear to your customer base is actually an effective way to raise your profits!

Of course, it isn’t all about profits. You want to build a loyal community of customers who share your values and keep coming back to your brand. Whether you offer products or courses, that customer loyalty fuels you with purpose and creates business sustainability for you. 

Before they click “purchase,” consumers today want to know that the brands they love walk the talk, which is why transparency about your values is so important. It also helps set you apart from other businesses in your niche. Warby Parker set itself apart from any other glasses company by having rock-solid core values and a strong mission. 

3 Ways to Communicate Your Business Core Values to Your Clients

Communicating your core business values doesn’t have to be tricky or overwhelming. It’s simply about showing the world who you are and what you care about as a brand. There are three effective ways to do this.

1. Craft a Business Value Statement and Display it on Your Website

If you didn’t write a business value statement when you started your business, now is the time to write one. Your value statement outlines the heart of your company and acts as your moral compass. You should also have a mission statement and a vision statement. 

Once you have a value statement that feels true to your business, create a new page on your website that displays it. Your values should also be embedded into the text of the rest of your website pages. When potential customer comes to your site they should see your business core values right away. 

2. Use Client Testimonials

It’s one thing to say your values, and it’s another thing to show that your business lives them. Potential customers want to see that you don’t just talk the talk, but you walk the walk. 

The best way to illustrate that you act on your business core values is to communicate them through client testimonials. Instead of bragging yourself, ask your clients to write testimonials that speak to your values. 

Your past clients can paint a picture of your values for your potential clients. You can use these testimonials on your website, social media channels, course landing pages, email campaigns, and more.  

3. Use a Storytelling Strategy

I saved the best one for last because I think this is the most effective way to communicate your values as a brand. Using storytelling to communicate your business core values will engage your customers way more than a bulleted list. With an effective and creative storytelling strategy, you can embed your values into all of your marketing messages. 

An essential part of a storytelling strategy is getting personal with your clients and customers. Showing your face on social media and sharing the heart behind your business values will help you connect with them in a real way. 

It goes beyond a web page or testimonial and reaches your ideal audience on an emotional level. Plus, you can use your storytelling strategy to uplevel all of your marketing channels. When customers see the person behind the brand, it’s easy for them to catch the vision and understand the core values of your business.

Craft a Storytelling Strategy Today

Are you ready to start communicating your business core values to your client base? The best way to start is with a solid storytelling strategy that will reach from your heart to theirs. Book a consultation with me to get started with your storytelling strategy today.