Beyond the Origin Story: Crafting Stories That Connect in Today’s Market

Storytelling still holds its undeniable power in 2024. It’s a timeless tool that never fails to engage, inspire, and leave a memorable imprint on our audiences. It’s how we create real connections with those we aim to reach. But let’s be real – as we embrace 2024, there’s been a significant shift in the storytelling landscape. It’s time to talk about going BEYOND the origin story. It’s no longer just about the classic “how we started” story to grab our audience’s attention and get them excited about our courses or services. Sorry to say, but those days are behind us. Time to bring something new to the table!

Let’s face it: your customers are sharper and more selective than ever. This change in their outlook isn’t the end of storytelling, though. It’s more like a wake-up call – a chance to reimagine and reshape how we tell our tales. As someone who’s witnessed this firsthand, working alongside small business owners as a storytelling strategist, I’ve seen this shift up close and personal. And now, I’m here to share some insights with you. If you’re a business owner looking to make a real connection in today’s market, it’s time to think beyond just telling your origin story. Let’s dive into how you can craft stories that resonate now, shall we?


Your Customer is Selfish (That’s Not a Bad Thing!)

Going beyond the origin story is an important new step. Your origin story is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox, no doubt about it. But, it’s not the be-all and end-all for grabbing your audience’s attention or getting them to buy into your courses or services. Especially not in 2024. Why, you ask? Well, it’s pretty straightforward: people are selfish regarding their interests and needs. And yet, despite this, we see the classic origin story being pushed as the “must-do” marketing strategy everywhere. It’s like everyone’s singing the same old song, even though it’s not hitting the high notes like it used to. Let’s think bigger and better!

When people come across your brand, let’s be honest, they’re not there for a history lesson. They want to know, “What’s in it for me?” How are you going to solve their problems, meet their needs, or make their lives better? It’s just human nature.

As a storytelling strategist, my job is to find the sweet spot between your unique origin story and what your audience is really looking for – those tangible, life-improving benefits. So, what’s the game plan? We weave together narratives that not only tell your journey but also highlight the value you bring to the table. This way, your story doesn’t just sound good; it hits home, encouraging your audience to take that next step.

You see, the old school style of storytelling, where your origin story was a roadmap for clients to follow your path to success, is losing its luster. Here’s why the same old origin tale isn’t cutting it like it used to.


storytelling strategist explains why the origin story is no longer as effective


People Want A Process That’s Provable and Repeatable

The digital world is overflowing with courses and services, making it tougher than ever to stand out. As a storytelling strategist focused on helping small business owners, I’ve seen a real shift in what grabs the attention of potential clients or customers. While sharing your origin story certainly adds a personal touch to your brand, it’s no longer enough to secure trust and commitment. Today’s clients are savvy. They’re looking for something more substantial than just a good story; they want solid, verifiable processes. And especially in the online space – that’s not always what they are getting!

But let’s dig a bit deeper. Today’s consumers aren’t just spending their money on a whim. They want the reassurance that their investment in your course or service will actually pay off. They need to see that your skills and knowledge go beyond the origin story and your own experience and can tackle their specific issues.

In simple terms, they’re after PROOF that you can effectively solve their problems. While your origin story might be inspiring, it’s the clear, repeatable results that really give them the confidence to take the plunge. You’ve got to share a narrative that doesn’t just draw them in, but also assures them that investing in you is a safe bet. They need to see that you’re not just a one-hit wonder, but someone who has consistently delivered results for others too!


5 Ways to Make Your Old Origin Story More Impactful

If your once-sparkling origin story is starting to lose its shine, don’t worry. Here are some savvy tips to give it that much-needed facelift:

  1. Dig into your origin story and fish out the bits that really resonate with your audience today. Focus on those parts of your journey – the challenges, the triumphs, the lessons – that directly link to the problems you’re solving for them now.
  2. Rather than just saying, “This was my journey,” show how your experiences shaped a specific framework or method that you’ve successfully used over and over again.
  3. Nothing builds trust like real results. Weave in actual examples that demonstrate how your methods work in the real world. This adds a layer of credibility and practicality to your story.
  4. Keep your origin story up-to-date. As you grow and as market trends shift, your story should reflect these changes. It shows you’re not just riding past glories but are actively adapting and improving.
  5. While you’re making these tweaks, don’t lose the essence of who you are. Your origin story should still be a genuine reflection of your journey and values. Authenticity never goes out of style.

By following these steps, you’ll not only go beyond the origin story but also ensure it resonates with today’s audience, making it a powerful part of your brand once again.

3 Types of Stories You Can Use in Your Marketing Instead

While the classic origin story might not be the hook-line-sinker it once was, don’t think for a second that storytelling has lost its potency. In fact, there are three other story types you can mix into your marketing strategy to complement your origin story and really make an impact.

First, let’s talk about the “problem solving” story. It’s time to flex your resilience and problem-solving muscles. Share a tale about a tough challenge or setback – either from your own journey or one common among your customers – and how you triumphed over it. This isn’t just about how you started; it’s about showcasing your grit and determination throughout your journey.

Next, we have the client success story. You’re likely sharing testimonials already, but let’s take it up a notch with full-fledged client success stories. These aren’t just happy comments; they’re narratives showing the real transformation your clients experienced thanks to your product or service. Bring in the hard data (you’ve got to have receipts!), heartfelt testimonials, and those striking before-and-after visuals to really bring these stories to life.

Lastly, this is your chance to share your dreams and goals, the big picture of what you’re aiming to achieve. Talk about the positive changes you want to bring to your industry or even the world. Outline your aspirations and the values that fuel your mission. This kind of storytelling not only inspires but also connects with people who share your vision and values, drawing them to your brand. Let’s be honest – these are the clients you actually want anyway!


storytelling strategist sits on couch celebrating


Moving Beyond the Origin Story

Mixing these fresh storytelling angles with your origin story gives your marketing a dynamic and engaging narrative edge. One that engages, inspires, and reassures your audience. Boring is OUT in 2024. Each type of story plays its own vital role, and together, they form a rich, full-spectrum brand story that speaks to the heart of today’s savvy consumers. If you’re ready to take your storytelling to the next level in 2024, I’m here to guide the way. Learn more about partnering with me here.


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