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The last few years have felt dark, but recently they grew even darker when Roe vs. Wade was overturned. In today’s episode, Dr. Han Ren joins us to share her initial thoughts on the overturn, how it impacts communities, and some important resources and support on this topic. Dr. Han Ren is a licensed clinical […]

Today’s topic is one that is going to be important and valuable to many, but especially to black women. In today’s episode, I’m joined by Dr. Sam of DSRD Consulting and Edairra McCalister, CEO and co-founder of Black Girls, We See You to discuss invisibility among black women. This is Season 2 Episode 7 of […]

Are you considering launching or even investing in something new for your business? IN the creative industry, there is no regulation on the education that’s made available online, which means we’re often left to decide what’s worth the investment on our own. In today’s episode, Laylee Emadi of the Creative Educator Academy joins us to […]

Your voice was meant to be heard, but it’s important that you own it and love it too. In today’s episode, Ashley Joy joins us to discuss why you need to own your voice and claim your impact on the world! Listen in as she shares her own journey to finding her voice and using […]

Are you deconstructing your faith? Have you ever walked through a season of life where you’ve questioned your beliefs or why you believe them? In today’s episode, Dr. Michael Tatonetti joins us to share his own journey to deconstructing Christianity as an active leader in the church after he came out as gay a few […]

As we experience so many shifts and changes in our lives and society, there is value in showing empathy for others. Although, not every easy built to be empathetic. In today’s episode, Payal Beri joins us to discuss how to have more empathy for ourselves and even others who don’t necessarily believe the same way […]

Trigger Warning: Today’s episode discusses domestic violence and suicidal threats. If you’re not in the headspace to listen to today’s show, please hit pause and come back to it when you’re ready. It’s hard to confront or even admit when your relationship involves domestic violence. Experiencing a partner turn abusive is traumatizing, but it’s important […]

Boundaries are so valuable to our mental health and even our relationships, but it can be hard to approach and set them. In today’s episode, Ashley Beaudin joins us to share how we can overcome fears in setting healthy boundaries through compassion with ourselves and others. Listen in as she explains why you need boundaries, […]

Are you comfortable in your body, or is loving your body difficult? There are so many expectations and culturally set standards in society for beauty—which often leaves us longing for self-love and acceptance. In today’s episode, Carly Someplace joins us to share her journey to body neutrality and positivity, along with highlighting how it’s a […]

Have you accepted yourself for who you are and started living your truth? It’s not an easy journey to walk through. In today’s episode, Megs Pulvermacher joins us to share her own journey to living her truth and embracing who she is. Listen in as she walks us through how she handled coming out to […]

When your family immigrates from another country, growing up as a first generation American has it’s hurdles. To open the doors on this important conversation, I invited two dear friends of mine, Laylee Emadi and Danait Berhe-Gabre to join me in sharing their experiences. From the struggles we felt in school, to finding our place […]

You may be fighting a battle with grief today that comes from a really tough loss in your life—whether that’s with the loss of a loved one, a job, an opportunity, etc. Walking through grief and loss is hard, but Anna joins us to share just how beautiful the journey can be if you make […]

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