The Story of Mahsa Amini with Azadeh Ahsahi

Last year, a revolution began in Iran over the death of Mahsa Amini—a fight that still continues today. In this episode, Azadeh Ahsahi joins us to speak on what’s happening in Iran, despite the lack of new coverage, and how we can continue to be allies for the women of Iran.

This is Season 3 Episode 4 of Here’s the Tea with Akua

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Important Parts of the Conversation:

Get to Know Azadeh (1:23)

What’s Happened Since Sept 16, 2022 (2:00)

The Rights of Iranian Women (5:05)

Using Your Voice & Risking Your Life (9:24)

Divides in Iran (10:50)

Religion in Iran (13:50)

The Truth: What’s Really Happening? (16:55)

Challenges in Iran (20:23)

The Media’s Portrayal of What’s Happening (23:09)

The Role of Race (26:13)

Media Coverage of The Submarine vs. Migrant Ship (27:50)

Providing Support to Iran (30:00)

Widespread Impact of this Movement (32:18)

Knowing the Culture (34:31)


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