The Power of Being Seen

Do you struggle to accept the attention you deserve in your business or life? Many of us struggle with being seen due to fears we face. In today’s episode, I’m pulling back the curtain to my own fears and sharing about the power of being seen.

This is Season 3 Episode 5 of Here’s the Tea with Akua

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Important Parts of the Conversation:

Do Things Scared (0:50)

Struggling with Being Seen (1:05)

Examples of Hiding & Fears We Have (2:40)

Recognizing Your Worthiness (5:35)

Own Your Authenticity (8:22)

Lean Into Your Community for Support (10:36)

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone (12:10)

Unpack the Reason for Fear (12:25)

Where Does Fear Stem From (12:43)

Focus on What You’re Good At to Build Confidence (14:25)

Manage the Fear (15:22)

What Brings You Joy (15:37)

Steps Towards Your Goals and Overcoming Fear (16:45)

Words of Affirmation & Truths (17:25)

Practice (18:26)


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