Men’s Mental Health & Vulnerability with Dr. Andrew Reiner

Society silences the emotions and vulnerability that men often want to express. Unfortunately, this leads to unhealthy coping mechanisms for men, leading to mental health struggles. In today’s episode, Dr. Andrew Reiner joins us to talk about how we can better support men from a young age to learn how to express their emotions and feel comfortable sharing their feelings.

This is Season 3 Episode 7 of Here’s the Tea with Akua

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Important Parts of the Conversation:

Get to Know Dr. Andrew Reiner (2:20)

Highly Sensitive Person: HSP (5:12)

Feeling Negative Emotions: Sadness, Fear, & Shame (12:00)

When Young Men Shut Down (13:48)

The Experiences Young Men Have Around Shame (22:14)

How Men Are Fronting & Masking (25:10)

Helping Men Be Vulnerable (30:02)

Men Sacrificing Emotional Connections in Marriage (35:53)

Supporting in Mental Health and Emotional Well-being (39:04)


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